Soroptimist International of Europe
Centenary Award 2021 Guidelines



The Centenary Award 2021 has been created to recognise an outstanding Soroptimist or a group of Soroptimists who through their current or past work made a difference to their club, union or community and whose activity uniquely exemplifies standing up for women or women’s rights.
This one-time-only Award will be presented during the SIE Centenary event in Krakow on 2nd July 2021.


The Awardee(s) should cover one of the following fields of activity:

  1. Access to Education
  2. Elimination of Gender-Related Violence and Discrimination
  3. Women’s Rights and Justice
  4. Women & Leadership
  5. Economic Empowerment
The Award will consist of:
  1. A certificate signed by the SIE President and the Chair of the Jury
  2. A sculpture designed by Anne-Marie ADAM, a former Soroptimist from Belgium, living in France
  3. € 5.000, - financial reward
The Awardee will be invited to the SIE Centenary event to receive her prize. Her travel expenses and hotel accommodation will be covered by SIE. In the case the Award is presented to a group of women rather than one Soroptimist, the group will designate the individual who will represent them.
Criteria for decision
The following criteria will be taken into consideration, and at least three of them should be fulfilled:
  1. Long-term, sustainable and exemplary work
  2. Sense of responsibility, dedication to a cause
  3. Altruism / Selflessness
  4. Transparency and tolerance
The Centennial Committee will propose a pre-selection of approximately 5 to 10 suitable candidates from all applicants for the ‘100 years – 100’ Soroptimists’ to the chair of the Centenary Award Jury.
The Centenary Award Jury, chaired by the SIE Immediate Past President and four SIE Past Presidents, will select the Awardee for the Centenary Award, based on the recommendation of aforesaid Committee.
Financial Reward
The Reward of € 5.000 is for a specific project to be presented by the Awardee to the Centenary Award Jury in accordance with the Mission and Vision of Soroptimist International.